To hear what former clients say about Michael J. Mangapora, read the following:

(The names of my clients have been changed to protect confidentiality)


On Labor Day weekend last year, my daughter suffered a serious burn injury while next door at my neighbor’s house. I did not know what to do because my neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance company would not even pay my daughter’s medical bills. Not only did Mr. Mangapora force the insurance company to pay all of the medical bills, he won a large cash settlement and my daughter’s financial future is now secure. There are no words I can find to express how thankful I am for his work on behalf of my daughter.

Jennifer Robbins


Michael J. Mangapora was experienced in analyzing my automobile accident case. He represented me against some very powerful defendants and convinced a jury to award me a substantial amount of money for my injuries. I only wish all accident victims could talk to Mr. Mangapora.

George Abbott


My attorney, Michael J. Mangapora, was very good at explaining the legal process to me. I was also impressed with his skill when it came to settlement negotiations. I obtained a settlement without having to go through a trial.

Robert & Kathleen Murphy


All parents who have injured children from accidents should call Mr. Mangapora before they talk with an insurance company.

Lottie Jones


My family was devastated by the death of our mother in an out of state automobile accident. Mr. Mangapora not only referred us to a good lawyer in Florida, he set up a probate estate here in Michigan at no charge.

Christopher & Alexis Mays


I know my head injured son will need additional help all of his life from a head injury. Mike Mangapora had a part in making it possible for us to have the money to provide that help.

Megan Wentz


I would recommend this firm to anyone who is struggling with an insurance company. The firm fought for me the little guy when no one else would take my case.
Robert Beckwith


My settlement helped me pay off my hospital bills. The settlement will help me train for a new career. I cannot thank Mr. Mangapora enough for this result.

Mae Williams


This law firm successfully represented me against a very powerful corporation. Mr. Mangapora leveled the playing field.

Maxwell Wright