Premise Accidents

Businesses, homeowners and governmental entities are legally required to maintain and keep their property safe from defects or dangerous trip or slip hazards. Each case turns on its own facts, but if you have been seriously injured from falling while patronizing a business or visiting a home or tripping on a public sidewalk, you may be able to hold the property owner liable for damages. Because a trip or fall defect may be removed or repaired, it is essential that the defect is investigated and documented as soon after an accident as possible. I will investigate your slip and fall case with my usual thoroughness and vigor.

Case Results:

  • Male, age 32, killed during altercation in saloon; judgment on jury verdict: $750,000
  • Male, age 40, injured from fall on private property; judgment on jury verdict: $225,000
  • Female, age 40, broken arm from slip and fall on front porch of her apartment; out of court settlement $187,000
  • Male, age 73, leg injury and scarring from dog bite on private property; out of court settlement $67,500
  • Male, age 24, knee injury from trip and fall on broken city sidewalk; out of court settlement $185,000